Cellar Tips

Our beers are relatively easy to care for and should always be served crystal clear. Although Ossett beers are relatively easy to care for to ensure they sparkle in the glass we recommend the following:

LINE CLEANING - Cask lines must be properly cleaned at least once a week and fresh water should ALWAYS be pulled through the line between casks. Its false economy not to spend two minutes pulling through water if you then contaminate the first few pints from a new cask with sediment from the bottom of the previous cask.

VENTING AND CONDITIONING – The final part of the brewing process occurs in the pub cellar where our beers undergo secondary fermentation in the cask whilst settling and conditioning. Our beers are likely to settle and drop bright very quickly but we still recommend venting our beers for an absolute minimum of 36 hours to ensure maximum flavour and that the beer is not too lively. For beers from our micro-breweries (Fernandes, Riverhead & Rat Breweries) we recommend an absolute minimum of 48 hours venting/conditioning. If you find our beer is lively/frothy when serving then vent the cask for longer.

CAT TEST – We’re amazed by how many publicans don’t test the beer in the cellar before putting on a new cask! Every cask should be checked for Clarity, Aroma and Taste direct from the cask before connecting the line and pulling the beer through. If the beer isn’t right don’t sell it. We don’t want substandard beer to be served. It only damages the reputation of your outlet and our beer. If the beer isn’t right direct from the cask please contact us.

AUTOVACS – An autovac is a type of driptray fitted to a handpump that allows the server to pull the handpump harder and faster thus creating a tighter and creamier head that laces the side of the glass – exactly how most Yorkshire folk like their pint! Autovacs are commonly used in West Yorkshire but rarely seen outside of Yorkshire. We recommend our beer is served through an autovac to enhance the presentation. Indeed all Ossett Brewery owned pubs serve cask beers using autovacs. A float in the autovac driptray raises when there is beer in the driptray allowing the beer in the driptray to be pulled through with beer from the cask. This can reduce wastage but autovacs are only suitable for high turnover beers. It is critical that staff are fully trained to use Autovacs correctly to prevent cross contamination. Click below for a guide on the correct use of Autovacs.

There are lots of misinformed rumours regarding autovacs. They are not banned and they have been in continuous and common use in West Yorkshire for many decades. If you require further information please contact Andy at the Brewery.

For more information about keeping and dispensing our beers please see the guides below:

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