Join Our OBE Club

To be eligible to join our OBE club outlets must permanently stock an Ossett Brewery Beer and consistently maintain quality. This endorsement helps customers to recognise that the member pub will always serve an exceptional pint of Ossett beer. The accolade of OBE Academy membership grants a range of benefits, many of which are exclusive to this group of premier stockists.


Membership of the OBE Academy confers numerous benefits:

  • A framed certificate confirming membership of the of OBE Club 
  • External wall plaque recognising the superior quality of beer served within/membership 
  • A range of functional POS, including bar runners and high quality branded glassware 
  • Limited availability beers – exclusively to OBE Club members
  • Brewery tours and sampling in our hospitality area for you and your staff
  • Regular communications between the brewery and members, including Newsletters and face to face callage from a member of our sales and marketing team.
  • Publicity. We will promote and advertise your OBE Club Membership to targeted beer drinkers. (PR, website, ads in Camra publications)


  • Membership is open to all outlets that meet the following criteria:
  • Permanently stock Ossett Brewery beer(s) so that an Ossett beer is always available for their customers.
  • To maintain quality by having a minimum throughput of two firkins of Ossett Brewery beers per week. Customers need to prove this average level of volume for 12 weeks to qualify
  • Must sign and return an OBE Club agreement
  • Membership is limited and to further discuss the opportunities and what is needed to qualify as an OBE outlet please contact our sales team at the Brewery.


Should you be interested in the receiving the distinguished accolade of OBE Academy 

membership please speak to the sales team at Ossett Brewery on 01924 237160

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