Craft Beer Meets Authentic Japanese Cuisine

We are changing things up in Granary Wharf!

Ossett Brewery have struck up a unique partnership with Japanese Chef Tomonori Hasegawa from Edo Sushi, a highly successful Sheffield based takeaway with a strong passion for Japanese Food ( seriously it's amazing!! ) and we couldn't let the citizens of Leeds go another month without having this glorious grub available to them.

Candlebar in partnership with Edo Sushi will be re-launching on Friday 7th April so pencil it into your diaries!!

In the mean time we will be keeping you updated but if you want an idea of what they will be serving up check out our new partners website

Ps... We wouldn't leave you without pizzas, we've passed along Candlebar's oven and trade secrets to their fabulous sister venue Archie's Bar & Kitchen




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