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Mini Casks are back for Christmas!

Do you fancy draught Beer At Home For Christmas?

Our 5 litre mini-casks are always popular for Christmas and New Year parties. We will be selling at from the Ossett Brewery shop from mid December until they run out! The ‘shop’ is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. These casks contain proper cask ale and therefore will need time to settle and the container should not be moved until it is empty. Once opened the beer is best consumed in three days. 

Yorkshire Blonde 3.9%   -£17.57
Silver King 4.3%                 -£18.37
Nervous Turkey 4.3%     -£18.37
Excelsior 5.2%                    -£19.37

The Brewery shop also sells our bottled beers, branded merchandise and larger quantities of cask beer in Bag in Boxes. The Bag in Boxes are available in 17 and 35 pint containers and must be ordered in advance. To order please call us on 01924 237160.

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