Ossett Brewery keeping it real at the Brewer’s Pride

Some things in life just seem inevitable; the sun going down at the end of the day or England succumbing to a middle order batting collapse in the Ashes, these are events you could set your watch by and file under ‘definitely going to happen’. Another, perhaps, is the acquisition of the Brewer’s Pride pub by Ossett Brewery. Maybe ‘inevitable’ is not the right word, but there is something about the latest addition to the Ossett pub estate that just feels right, and pretty much as nature intended.

November saw the pub up for grabs and it was swiftly secured for the brewery who have grown beyond all recognition just around the corner. This is a significant purchase for many reasons. First and foremost it is a pub in keeping with the tradition of all Ossett Brewery’s establishments; well loved, full of character and full of history, but perhaps most importantly, and for those that didn’t know, this is where the primitive fumblings of an embryonic Ossett Brewery first originated.

The pub building itself dates back to 1872, and it was known as the Millers Arms until 1985 when it became Boon’s End. It only had this name for six years, when it was secured from Clark’s Brewery in 1991 and re-named as the Brewer’s Pride. In 1997 Bob Lawson created Ossett Brewery at the rear of the pub. Their first offering – named “Bobby Dazzler” was sampled in August 1998 and pretty soon those staple perennials Silver King and Excelsior were being shipped out by the barrel full. It was only a five barrel brew length plant at the pub, however, and pretty soon demand had outgrown that and Ossett Brewery and the Brewer’s Pride went their separate ways; but not very far. The King’s Yard brewery was born and the two have kept a watchful eye on each other ever since, but now the congenital link has been re-established and the world appears to be back on its axis.

Another key development in the Brewer’s Pride story was the creation of the Millers Restaurant upstairs in 2010. In another nod to its origins by bringing back the Millers name, the pub pioneered gastro pub food in the Ossett area and the offering of quality but simple cuisine was perfectly in keeping with its homely ethos.

One thing that has always characterised the Brewer’s Pride is its quest to be fiercely independent, and at Ossett Brewery we have also built a reputation for recognising what works very well and making sure we don’t change it. At the Brewer’s Pride there has been a selection of nine lines of beer for a number of years, and we will be keeping that on with regular guest beers from other local breweries, plus of course a selection of our own, but all in keeping with the variety of blonde ales, hoppy ales, bitters, ruby milds and porters that have always been available.

The Brewer’s Pride has a charm and a character that is 100% authentic. Let’s face it; residing at the bottom of a hill in the middle of an industrial estate, with no direct transport links, you need to have a reputation for something, and for the Brewer’s Pride it is the fact that everything about it is ‘real’ and untouched. Real ale, real food, real character, real atmosphere and real warmth, even going as far as the coal fires and the friendly welcome that greets you at the door. None of this is contrived or manufactured and it is a key ingredient in what attracts people to a pub that is off the beaten track, but a curiosity that is worth the effort to call home.

With this in mind, the Ossett Brewery acquisition is intended to be as seamless as possible, with no radical change planned. We know what works and when you inherit a gem like the Brewer’s Pride you don’t mend what isn’t broken. The food nights, quiz nights and live music nights will remain and the rustic charm of the brewery paraphernalia on the walls will stay untouched; we know our heritage and this is just how we like it, with the integrity intact. Indeed, our outlook of what pubs should look like is so in tune with what you see at the Brewer’s Pride that most people who have visited it already thought it was one of ours. That would of course make sense, and now everything does make sense.

So the Brewer’s Pride acquisition is a great end to another successful year at Ossett Brewery. Change is ongoing with the brewery expansion, but the new pub is a really important part of the Ossett Brewery story and it is not hard to see that this is an addition to the family that means a great deal, has been planned for a long time and was felt as something that really had to happen.

Our pub estate plans have not been confined to the emotion surrounding this acquisition though, we have also re-launched the Kings Arms at Heath this month, with a refurbishment and a new food menu and new head chef. We have faithfully re-launched one of our most-cherished pubs while retaining the snug and intimate warmth that people loved so much about the Kings Arms. We are confident the many regulars will love what we have done and they can see for themselves with the pub now re-open and ready to welcome you all back.

We have more exciting plans for 2018 and it is set to be our biggest year yet, with the brewery expansion taking shape and more of your favourite beer being brewed than ever before. It seems the right time to be completing the circle with bringing the Brewer’s Pride pub under the Ossett Brewery banner, and as we wish all our customers and staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we will leave you with the very simple message that we will be continuing to keep it real in 2018.



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