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There are many ways we like to get together for a drink; to celebrate a birthday or an engagement, before the football or rugby, on the way to a gig or just as a weekly ritual between friends or family. Social drinking is one of the world’s oldest cultural traditions. There are few things we enjoy more than getting together, ordering some beers and chewing the fat while the world passes by. It’s escapism in a raw and stripped back format and because Ossett Brewery possess the bare essentials you need for this; pubs, people and beer, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate our role in maintaining the public spirit, by holding our very first Brewery Social on Sunday May 6th. And everybody’s welcome.

Being sociable is one of the most rewarding pastimes you can undertake, without you even knowing it. Having a drink and a chat with friends allows you to unwind after a busy day or week, it might offer you the only adult conversation you can get if you’ve been looking after the kids. It puts you at ease, releases tensions, promotes positive emotions and helps you forget about worries and anxieties.

I’m quite sure we can all claim that some of our best ideas have come out of social drinking, where peer-to-peer conversation allows us to bounce thoughts and concepts around that have been nagging us all week. Nothing beats social interaction for expanding our minds, hearing the news, swapping the best stories and….well….. laughing until we pop.

This was the thinking behind hosting a Brewery Social at our King’s Yard brewery on the upcoming bank holiday weekend. We wanted to create something different to our regular beer festivals and open days, and we wanted this to be about the basic traditions of enjoying being sociable. So there are no gimmicks or special events, just beer, people, conversation and atmosphere.

After all, social drinking as we know it is about as old as time itself. The pubs and inns of the UK are an integral part of our cultural tapestry, ingrained in history and folklore as meeting places and a stage for social gatherings going back to Roman taverns and Anglo-Saxon alehouses. Traditional stone-walled pubs with low ceilings, porcelain wall décor and brass trappings represent an emblem of quaint Englishness that millions of tourists cross the world to see, but social drinking isn’t unique to the British Isles by any means.

Evidence of the art of brewing can be seen in virtually every civilisation there has ever been and social gatherings become part and parcel of that. Everyone has had a go at ‘something’ with brewing documented in the Hebrew and Christian bibles, in the Qur’an, in numerous examples of art history and in Greek and Roman literature.

That social element of communal gatherings and inns acting as important meeting places has always been there and the accompanying social etiquette has become standard too. If you arrive at the bar with a companion you offer to buy them a drink, on the unspoken understanding that they will later reciprocate. They usually do, and if they don’t they get a reputation. It’s a tradition that dates back as far as you choose to look.

You could argue that modern times present a major threat to the culture of social drinking, even if the brewing industry is trying its hardest by making easy-drinking, lower ABV % session beers for those merry occasions when we have a specific period of time in which to drink.

Many pubs are unfortunately struggling to survive, and almost every area has lost some of the fabric of its local community in the face of supermarkets offering cheaper beer or wine and people preferring to drink at home. But there’s not much sociable about that.

There is no substitute for the sound of clinking glasses and a resounding ‘cheers’, or a roar of collective laughter, a quiet pint with the dog by an open fire, or the resounding hum of a bustling tap room. There’s no match for a welcoming pub that feels like home, and where ‘everyone knows your name’. People make pubs and that is what Ossett Brewery have held faith in as we have invested in our estate of pubs across Yorkshire, and that is the inspiration behind our very first Brewery Social.

We picked the Bank Holiday weekend because it is a time for friends and family and making the effort to do something different. So Sunday May 6th is your opportunity to get your social head on and come and join us at King’s Yard for a relaxing day of people, beer, food and music.

Showcasing the very best that Ossett Brewery has to offer, from 3pm we will have three bars serving our own beers, but also those of our microbreweries at the Rat & Ratchet in Huddersfield, Fernandes in Wakefield and the Riverhead at Marsden. We will have BBQ food on the go and at 4pm the music starts.

Keeping things nice and low-key in the afternoon to allow people to chat and socialise, we will have acoustic sets from solo artist Micky Johnson, followed by duo Ellie Coast & Dave Pilla. Later on, we will be moving from the brewery just round the corner to the famous Brewer’s Pride. As traditional pubs go the Brewer’s Pride has every quintessential element you could wish for and has been a social gathering place for the amiable and affable folk of Ossett since 1872. Here we will be hosting live band Brothers On The Slide from 8pm.

So the Ossett Brewery Social is a free, family-friendly event where everybody is welcome, even the dog. Our doors are open and we want you to experience the kind of welcome you will get at any of our pubs across the region. The Social is a friendly gathering, a convivial assembly of the great and good people, plus fine beers and music. The Social is a microcosm of the Ossett Brewery pub experience, and by the end of it, everyone will know your name.   

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