Riverhead #IWCBD

The second International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is taking place on Sunday 8th March. Brewster’s from all around the world will be brewing the same beer on the same day as a celebration of International Women’s day and a chance to unite together for charity. 
This year our Brewster, Lisa Handforth, is inviting all women to come along to an open brew day at the Riverhead, Marsden on Sunday 8th March. Feel free to pop in anytime from 10am-5pm to join in or even just to say hello! All we ask is that if you do wish to help brewing then please wear sensible footwear.
The beer for #IWCBD2015 is Unite Red Ale 4.6%, the launch of the finished beer will be held at The Riverhead on Sunday 29th March. We will be donating £1.00 from every pint of Unite Red Ale sold throughout our pub estate to Huddersfield Women’s Aid. We would love you to join us!




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